Bacon, egg and toast cup

The past month has not been the greatest, being driven to mad by all those assignments that pile up to my head, working my little butt off and, don’t even get me started on the winter flu (it surely is not pleasant when you have deadlines to meet), I misssssss my little kitchen so badly (even though it’s just steps away from my bed :p). When it comes to food, I guess I’m a bit of an extreme person, if I cook (as in “I’m so in the mood for cooking to entertain myself woooo hoooo”), the food has to be something new, something exciting, something I’ve never tried before, and of course, the styling & propping is the most time-consuming part. And as you would expect, that doesn’t happen very often. Most of the days I’m at the other end of the rope, cooking as in “Hey ho, someone needs to eat to survive here” and that kind of attitude normally don’t get me nothing good. So, you get the picture!

I miss the good stuff that I treats myself oh-so-often when I still have a roomate, aka a motivation to beat that constant laziness to pulp. On a day to mark my ‘freedom’ and holidays at last, the least I could do is posting some recipe that I’ve been owing myself (and you) for quite some time. This would make that perfect Sunday breakfast that I’ve been longing for so long.


This recipe is a super easy and still sends off that ‘exquisite’ look. After all, it’s toast, bacon and egg, how hard could it be anyway???? A nutritious foodie and a real treat to the eyes. Bake the egg lightly and it will ooze out all the goodness that makes your day, I guarantee 😉 Let’s crack on!

Bacon, egg and toast cup


  • Butter, melted
  • Bacon
  • Egg
  • Slides of bread
  • Cheese (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 200 C (400 F)
  • Lightly butter the ramekin dish (or the muffin pan, your call)
  • Flatten the bread with a rolling pin, then cut out using a round cookie cutter (or a small mousse ring like mine)
  • Cut each round in half, and start lining around the ramekin, pressing the bread at the bottom and around the cup
  • Brush the bread with some more butter
  • On a large skillet, cook bacon until almost crisp
  • Again, lay the bacon around the cup, inside the layer of bread
  • Sprinkle some cheese and crack an egg in the middle
  • Season to taste with some salt and pepper
  • Bake until the egg white is just set, about 20 minutes or more if you want the egg to be fully cooked
  • Check it once in a while to make sure the egg is of desired texture
  • And ta-da, serve!


These toast in a cup is so good I could devour two at a time (or maybe more ^^). Actually, I think I’m gonna go load some bread tomorrow



P.S. This toast cup has been featured in Tastespotting ^.^

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