Avocado (not so) deviled egg


Meo has been complaining about how bad my skin is lately and that does not put me on a happy mood at all. Who would tell a girl she looks horrid anyway, as if I’m not too self-concious about that already. Drinking plenty of water, eating 3 meals a day, stuffing myself with enough nutritions, sleeping early and exercising, what a huge effort for me. I always acknowledge that I’m leading a super unhealthy life, but it can’t be helped, I’m weak when it comes to sweets and snacks (and late night movies, it’s the best feeling). So for a nice change towards the end of this year, instead of the usual Christmas goodies (or so called chocolate, crisps, unhealthy snacks & lots of meat), I’m all in for salad, veggie and fruits.

Here I am, making these cute little ‘deviled eggs’ for the first time, as something to go with my salad (I can’t just have plain salad with vinaigrette, ever). These harmless gorgeous eggs, why are they deviled anyway? In culinary term, ‘deviled’ refers to dishes that are prepared with hot seasonings, like cayenne pepper or mustard, or something to give a ‘kick’ (you know what I mean).  Now it leads me to a new question, why is hot stuff ‘deviled’ anyway?!?!?!


Deviled eggs, or also called eggs mimosa (now it sounds cute), are often served as an appetiser or side dish or sometimes main course. They are basically boiled eggs with the yolks being scooped out, mixed with other ingredients (typically mayonnaise, mustard) then put back in and serve. The hardest part when it comes to making this type of dish, I would say, is boiling the perfect egg. Then peeling them all, especially when you have a party with a whole lots of guests (or simply a family to serve) could be a real battle. It sounds easy (I used to ridicule the idea of teaching someone how to boil an egg too) but it requires technique and timing (that I’ve yet to mastered, but I’ll tell you when I do).

So, shall we go ahead and crack some eggs now?


Avocado deviled eggs


  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Avocado
  • Mayonnaise
  • Lemon juice
  • Paprika
  • Salt & pepper to taste


  • Cut the avocado in half, deseed and peel


  • Peel the eggs and cut in half
  • Carefully scoop out the egg yolk, using a spoon or your fingers will do. Lay the egg whites on a dish


  • In a bowl, mix in egg yolk, avocado, mayonnaise, lemon juice, pinch of paprika, salt and pepper to taste
  • Use a folk, mash everything together (or a food processor would do the job nicely)


  • Transfer the egg yolk mixture to a piping bag with a star tip
  • Sprinkle the egg white with paprika, then gently pipe the egg mixture into the half egg whites
  • Serve with avocado or salad 

The egg yolk and mayonnaise gives a creamy texture, with some refreshing hint of avocado. On top of that, paprika gives the dish a real ‘kick’, there you have, the ‘deviled’ factor. Save some of the egg yolk to serve as salad dressing, yum yum, let’s dig in!


P.S. My avocado deviled egg has been featured in Foodgawker and Tastespotting. Yay!!!!!

11 thoughts on “Avocado (not so) deviled egg

  1. Can you please give amounts for each of your ingredients? How many eggs, how much mayo, lemon juice, etc. Looks like a great idea, but a whole lot of guesswork.

    • Hi Christine, I’m sorry I’m never precise with my cooking, normall I just ‘go with the flow’, seasoning & adding ingredients as I like. You could adjust everything to your own taste : )

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  5. I just shared your Deviled Eggs on my blog! Come check it out at ashleybensonfitness.com These are truly my favorite, THANKS!! Going to buy avocados today so we can have them all day tomorrow!!!

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