River Cottage Canteen

Remember when I said I’d be checking out Bristol River Cottage Canteen soon? I did!!!!


Loving food as much as we do, it deems fit for me and Edith to share our last meal in England in a good restaurant. I told her about this place where I’ve been excited about for weeks, and voilà, there we were. And truthfully, I don’t recall us ever spending so little time on deciding where to eat like this. So, a day before her flight, we were sleeping till noon then went for our brunch at around 1.30 pm, took half an hour to decide on what to eat (as usual), and had our starter at 2.30 when almost everyone in the restaurant have left. Then by the time we were done with starter, the restaurant was basically only serving the two of us. Though a bit guilty for taking some break time off the staff, we did enjoy this ‘private’ dining experience 🙂


A bit further up Whiteladies Road, the restaurant is a renovated church hall with natural light beaming through various stained glass windows. I personally love the rustic feel that the whole place gives off, from the design to its reflection on the menu. They claim to use fresh, organic food from local farms and suppliers such as The Community Farm, Orchard Pig, Bristol Beer Factory, to create a dynamic, regularly changing menu. We looked at the lunch set menu on offer and honestly, I find the main menu much more appealing. So after half an hour of thinking, we went for a West Country meat board to share, one penne pasta ragu for me, one pizza for Edith and Eton mess as dessert for both.


The meat board came out nowhere near what we expected, in fact, it was much better than our anticipation. The name gave me a wrong direction of how the board would look like, I expected a lot of meat, maybe smoked ham, prosciutto, and clearly, Edith also expected an all-meat treat. But then, it looked something like this

IMG_4763Lots of salad to accompany, and I was certainly glad to see. I loved everything on that board, especially the one with bacon, and the spice on that chicken was certainly special, I still couldn’t figure which went into that seasoning. Wished my taste bud had developed a bit more! However, our wings were a little raw, and the staff was nice enough to recook immediately. The chicken was delish so we had no problem at all on that little setback. And above all, I loved the bread, definitely spot on. It seems like everywhere I eat, I always adore the bread and starter much more than main course, which is supposed to be the star. This restaurant was no exception. My ragu pasta, for me, was okay. I loved the heat, and after a while, the spice kinda kicked in which made me like the dish a bit more. But overall, I guess pasta was never really my cup of tea, so I have no opinion on the matter actually, no pasta I ever ate has that kind of spell on me. Edith would be a better judge on the pasta, and she said it was good, she liked it better than her pizza. Well, that has to be the case, she’s the pasta girl and I’m the pizza girl, it’s always like that every time we dine together. I didn’t realise how we suddenly switched until she told me how funny it was that this time, I ordered pasta and she ordered pizza 🙂


IMG_4770The pizza really impressed me! I wasn’t even sure if it could be called pizza, as the crust was super thin, and crispy. One minus point was that your jaw might got tired after a few bites.


Then there came Eton Mess. I had no idea what the crunchy bits inside were, but they were too sweet for me, even though balanced nicely if spooned together with some cream and fresh strawberries.

After all, a satisfying experience. Being with my dear friend on a summery sunny day, having good food and great laughs, I couldn’t ask for more. And plus, Hugh’s everywhere in this restaurant ^^


See you soon Edith 🙂 Till next time


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