Our Growing Edge – June 2014



June has been my special month since forever.

This year, adding to the joy of yet another summer, I was well honoured to be the host of this month’s Our Growing Edge. It was a monthly event cooked up by Genie at Bunny Eats Design to encourage us, the food lovers, to venture into the culinary world, through cooking, baking, or tasting. It’s a great opportunity to connect us all and share our food adventures.

I’ve been too busy lately I’ve completely forgotten how it feels like to be cooking and blogging again. But better late than never, is it not? So, don’t let anything hold you back, get cooking and get eating. Don’t forget to share your post into the link party below.

May we have an awesome June full of food.

With much love from Vietnam,



4 thoughts on “Our Growing Edge – June 2014

    • It’s exactly as what you described: ‘hot and humid’, plus a whole lot of rain. Have a jolly winter and keep warm over there! I’d really love to switch place with you right now 🙂

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