Our Growing Edge – June 2014 Roundup

June roundup

I’ve had a whole month embracing Vietnamese street food, and (occasional) English tea break here and there.

It’s wonderful to see lovely fellow foodies out there also having amazing treats, ranging from Teriyaki quail to mouthwatering chocolate & beetroot almond cake.

Our Growing Edge truly is a great way experiencing food from all over the world. Thank you guys for all your delish entries!

Without further ado, shall we take a look at our June feast?


To all blue cheese fans out there, let’s give Genie a round of applause for her attempt at cooking with blue cheese after 5 years of tasting. These gluten-free Fig and Gorgonzola Rounds are a great idea to get the feast started, light and scrumptious!


How about some seafood? Dana from I’ve got cake decided to step up her game by making aioli from scratch for the first time to go with her Tumeric mussels on toast. Serving on a crunchy toast instead of in their shells. Looking fancy much?


Alternatively, let’s enjoy some refreshing chilled honeydew melon soup, perfect for the hot and humid weather in some parts of the globe right now (like Vietnam, for instance?). Eva has made this soup with Greek yogurt, creme fraiche, prosciutto, cucumber and frozen melon ball. How cooling, yum!


Main dishes

Moving to our favourite dinner of all time, Pasta la Vista made by Jules from My Kiwi Diaries, showing us an easy way of making fresh pasta. Pasta machine? Not needed. Just a strong arm, a good rolling pin, a knife and Jules’s recipe.


Reaching out for a Pan Asia night? I would suggest Jing’s Teriyaki quail served with veggies and rice. I personally love quail so much. I’ve mostly eaten them grilled on hot charcoal or nicely cooked in porridge. But teriyaki quails? What a great idea!


Also on the poultry theme is Korean sticky chicken. Chandler, just like any other cooks, had her occasional lazy days and decided to make an easier, simpler, yet still very tasty, version of Korean sticky chicken. 20 minutes is definitely a record, hands down to you!


Let’s spice up our feast by having these jerk chicken with pineapple kebabs. If you ask me, chicken, chilli and pineapple is always an awesome combination. Especially when served with oven baked potatoes, sprinkled with shredded cheese on top. Just the thought of it …. yum!!!



Now ladies, here’s to our chocolate obsessions: Ash’s chocolate and beetroot cake. It took her three attempts to produce a rich, fudgy yet not overly sweetly, an all-rounded perfect chocolate cake. And the beetroot twist? Sounds very interesting.

Screen shot 2014-06-25 at 9.58.35 PM

Ever heard of a Chia seed pudding, better yet, with tumeric? Take a look at this and be amazed and how easy it is to make. And I feel you, there were times when we made such goodies and simply forgot to measure. Always need a next time 🙂


On to something in my bucket list, yet I’ve never taken the gut to try it out: clafoutis. At The Gisborne Gourmet, clafoutis is served with a North African touch of saffron, wonderfully flavoured by vanilla beans and cardamom pots.


And my favourite of all time: cinnamon buns. Being a recipe tester for a day, Clarkie made an insanely good looking batch of cinnamon bun, gracefully iced with creme fraiche and icing sugar. Check out her blog for delicious recipes and awesome photos.


What do you do with leftover rice? Here’s some idea: make puffed rice. Nom nom Panda had a very detailed post about the process of making puffed rice and her tips for the best homemade one.


After quite a few trials and errors, Quelcy has finally been able to cross Kombucha off her bucket list. Thank you Quelcy for introducing the drink to many of us who hasn’t heard of it before (like me). There’s always something new to learn on our gastronomic journey everyday 🙂


And sadly my job here is done!

Hope to see my fellow foodies in the next and next and next and next challenges 🙂

May we always keep the love and passion for food in our heart. Keep up the journey.

Lastly, the next Our Growing Edge challenge will be hosted by Ash from Organic Ash.

Love from Vietnam,

Phuong x


10 thoughts on “Our Growing Edge – June 2014 Roundup

  1. Great round up! I love how it’s such a variety of what bloggers are interested in and up to. There’s both decadence and healthy options but this month seems a little headed towards decadence. Just a little! Hope you are well Phuong and thank you so much for hosting.

    • Sorry for the unreplied email Genie, I have been very well but a little busy over here. I have to thank you indeed for letting me host last month. It was much fun checking out what everyone else is up to & doing the roundup. Will defo try my best to rejoin our challenge this month ^^

  2. I love the chicken and pineapple kabobs! So yummy! Glad I found you…going to be joining the Our Growing Edge I think! 🙂

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